This service offers a REST API allowing to perform DNS queries over HTTP from multiple locations worldwide.

It can be used to verify and troubleshoot DNS propagation, geo-aware DNS servers, and Anycast DNS deployments.

We currently have 18 available nodes in 6 countries, and are constantly adding more. If you are an Internet Service Provider or a Telecom Operator willing to give us access to your DNS resolvers, please contact us. Thank you.

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The API powering this site (RRDA) is open source and can be downloaded here or on GitHub

Making queries

See the section below for a list of available nodes to query.

For more information on how to use the service, please refer to the documentation.

Getting Resources Records

URL Scheme: /node/domain/querytype

Getting Reverse PTR Records (for both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses)

URL Scheme: /node/x/ip

Available Nodes

We provide a list of all available nodes in JSON format: nodes.json

NodeLocationDNS Server OperatorAS Number
cn01cnChinaCNNIC AS24406
cn02cnChinaCNNIC AS24409
cz01czCzech RepublicCZ.NIC Labs AS20701
cz02czCzech RepublicCZ.NIC Labs AS20701
de01deGermanyDNS.WATCH AS31400
de02deGermanyDNS.WATCH AS31400
ru01ruRussiaYandex AS13238
ru02ruRussiaYandex AS13238
tw01deTaiwanTWNIC AS131621
tw02deTaiwanTWNIC AS396982
us01usUnited StatesStatDNS AS14061

Available Nodes (Anycast)

Our server is located in New Jersey, so queries sent to these anycast nodes will reach instances located in the United States.

Here are traceroute results for the following servers: cloudflare, google1, google2, he, opendns1, opendns2, quad9

NodeInstanceDNS Server OperatorAS Number
cloudflareusUnited StatesCloudflare AS13335
google1usUnited StatesGoogle AS15169
google2usUnited StatesGoogle AS15169
henlUnited StatesHurricane Electric AS6939
opendns1usUnited StatesOpenDNS AS36692
opendns2usUnited StatesOpenDNS AS36692
quad9usUnited StatesQuad9 AS19281

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